The Hi-Way Drive-In was originally built in 1950 by brothers Morris and Rafael Klein, who owned several movie theatres in the area.  It opened on May 4th, 1951 with one screen and 424 speaker poles, showing "Vengeance Valley" and "Hit Parade of 1951".

Roger Babcock started working for the Klein brothers as a handyman in 1971, eventually becoming the Hi-Way's Projectionist.  Sharon Babcock began working in the concession stand in 1973 and, after some quick thinking which put out a fire in the popcorn machine, was quickly promoted to assistant manager, then manager.  The Babcocks met at the theatre and married in 1990.

In 1996 when the Klein brothers were ready to retire, they approached Roger and Sharon about taking the theatre over, and the Hi-Way had it's first season under new ownership in 1997, opening that spring with "Beverly Hills Ninja" and "Scream".

The Babcocks have continued to advance and improve the Drive-In, making the updates to radio sound and digital projection, and adding 3 additional screens (in 1999, 2004, and 2008, respectively) making it the second largest drive-in theatre in New York State!

And that brings it to us! We're Sydney and Greg and we're the new owners as of April 2023. We are unbelievably excited to continue the legacy that was built by Roger and Sharon, and the Klein Brothers before them. Many of you have met Roger and Sharon during their almost 50 year tenure at the Hi-Way Drive-In; they have asked us to pass along their gratitude for your support and friendship over the years. We are so honored to be learning from them, and will be sure to carry on the tradition of showing good movies and offering great snacks for many more seasons to come! We look forward to meeting you all this season, if you see us in the box office or snack bar please say hello!