How much are tickets?
Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for children (11 and under) for a double feature of fabulous films, or occasionally for one very long film. Children under 3 are admitted free of charge.
When does the theatre open, and when do the movies start?
Movies begin shortly after sundown, you can check our homepage (Link) for approximate start times. The ticket booth and concession stand open 90 minutes before showtime, so feel free to show up early to get set up comfortably and get all the snacks and treats you'll need to enjoy the show!
Can I bring my own food and drink?
No outside food or drink is allowed. Please respect this, as your purchases at the concession stand keep us in business, and allow us to continue entertaining you!
Can we switch screens to watch a different second movie?
Unfortunately no. We do our best to create enjoyable pairings of movies, and we have signed a lot of paperwork with the movie studios saying we will not allow viewers to split screens. Movie studios actually send people out to check on this and we could get in a lot of trouble if it's being done, including the studios no longer allowing us to show their movies. Thank you for helping us out, and staying with the screen you've bought a ticket for!
Are pets allowed?
Well-behaved pets are welcome, but please keep them leashed and remember to clean up after them. We recommend leaving any large reptiles at home (if you see Roger, please feel free to ask him about that one!)
What forms of payment are accepted?
Cash is king! We also accept Visa and Mastercard with a $10 minimum.