.. Safety Protocols and Procedures ..

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and precautions
that have been put in place in order to enable us to reopen
the Hiway Drive-in Theatre and to assure everyone's safety:

In compliance with prescribed Public Safety restrictions,
which will enable us to re-open the Drive-in, we will not be
operating at our normal capacity, and it may become necessary
to turn-away cars to avoid overcrowding the Drive-in while these
enhanced safety protocols remain in place. To avoid disappointment,
please plan to arrive at the Drive-in EARLY. Our gate & TicketBooth
will open-up 90 minutes before the start of the first scheduled movie.

When parking your car in your selected viewing spot on the Drive-in field,
please take care to situate your vehicle precisely in the MIDDLE, centered
between the poles that are on either side of you, for proper distancing.

Whenever leaving your vehicle, and to be allowed to enter the SnackBar,
or when using the public bathrooms, MASKS must always be worn.

EXCEPTION:   If you   have   been fully vaccinated, then, masks are optional,
and you may park side by side as a family or group .. 2 vehicles between posts.

We will only be permitted to operate during this period of national recovery
if there is a willingness to observe these Public Safety protocols. Refunds
will not be provided in the event that any person(s) is asked to leave the
premises, not following these rules and procedures, jeopardizing safety.

ThankYou for your patience, understanding, and cooperation.